Founded by Jules VanSant and Jill Crossley, Bubble & Hatch is a marketing consulting company designed to help your organization prioritize which types of marketing programs will be most effective and deliver the most ROI. We strategize, creatively develop, and execute projects in a timely way so you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business. Our goal is to add value and expertise to deliver results in a noisy and ever-changing marketplace.


Bubble and Hatch Jules Vansant

Jules career has spanned the gamut of the communications spectrum, giving her a well-rounded perspective in marketing. She started her career working in traffic, print production and account management positions on the west coast with advertising agencies as well graphic arts firms. Jules took on the role as the Pacific Printing Industries (PPI) Association Executive Director from 2006 - 2018. Her high-profile presence on national task forces, committees, and industry networking initiatives, plus her business and marketing acumen positions Jules as a leader and inspiration catalyst for the print and visual communications industry.

Bubble and Hatch Jill Crossley

Jill started her marketing career in the sports industry working in merchandise marketing for two NHL teams - the San Jose Sharks and the Dallas Stars. From there, she developed her marketing skills working in Silicon Valley's high-tech industry. After relocating to the Pacific Northwest, Jill spent 14 years working in the manufacturing industry. Jill's experience working with sales, product development, customer service, finance, IT, agencies, operations and creative has helped her understand how to market from many different perspectives and create marketing plans that take into account all aspects of the business.

our team


Alicia is truly social - great at planning and creating online campaigns for clients. She utilizes data, tools, community content and goal setting to help elevate our client's social and online presence. Alicia brings positive energy and creativity to every project when she's not balancing being "mom" to her two amazing kiddos. 


Jenn is a marketing communications professional with more than 20
years in the trenches of B2B, nonprofit, education, retail, and product marketing. Prior to striking out on her own as a marketing consultant, she served as the VP of Marketing Communications for the Printing Industries of America for several years where she developed a love of all things print and packaging. She brings a wealth of experience to our team, including media
relations, content writing and creation, strategic planning, social media, digital marketing, and brand management. Jenn loves reading, craft beer and spirits, biking, hiking, and experimenting in the kitchen!