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Ahead of the Curve Marketing

2020 was about reacting

In 2021, it’s time to be proactive. Let’s talk marketing with a focus on the future. There is an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and your competition. Companies that don’t adapt are not going to be flourishing in 2022 and beyond.

Work smarter

Businesses exist to generate income and grow by increasing sales. Solid financial achievement happens when management has specific goals in mind. Identify key priorities you’d like to achieve, such as increasing repeat sales by 10% or adding 50 new customers in the next two quarters. Analyze your customer data to determine what segments and targets can reap the biggest rewards to reach these goals. Plan out your course of action in the given time frame and set a reasonable budget that includes a healthy mix of traditional and digital marketing channels. Evaluate your results and make adjustments as needed.

Adapt as needed

The past year has changed the way we live and work, and there are likely to be more changes to come. Flexibility and adaptability will be critical in business success for years to come. Long-term campaigns might not be the best investment just yet. Consider starting with shorter, targeted efforts that flow together and can easily shift to adapt to changing business conditions.

Be inclusive

Unless your products or services are hyper-specialized, your customer base likely reflects a wide range of demographics. Over the past decade, brands have become increasingly more inclusive in their marketing campaigns to connect with their customers. And the customers like it. But as this article in Inc. magazine points out, it’s more than just advertising to a broader audience. It’s about making positive experiences for every customer regardless of who they may be.

Take chances

There is no such thing as “normal” anymore. We might as well forget about using that word for a while. How we used to do things has become less relevant, and it’s time to try new ways of doing business. Have a little fun! Take some risk! Now is the time to change the rules and engage in new ways of thinking. If you haven’t already, test social media, take a video of your facility and employees, or find creative ways to surprise and delight your best customers.

These are just a few of the many great ideas that percolate to the surface here at Bubble & Hatch. If you’re unsure what to do next in 2021 or need a little help getting started, let’s sit down and sketch out a unique framework that addresses your new needs and puts you ahead of the curve.

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