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Customer Appreciation

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Going Above and Beyond a "Thank You"

Customer appreciation is much more than an elbow bump and a "thank you." It's a valuable and versatile marketing opportunity that serves many purposes. Appreciation is a way to express gratitude to a customer for their business and continued loyalty. This, in turn, helps to promote repeat purchases and increase referral opportunities with their friends, family, and colleagues. When done correctly, it can even be used in your own company's marketing campaigns.

Brand their loyalty

Turn your customers into your brand ambassadors by gifting them with items adorned with your company's logo. Stickers, mugs, koozies, hats, totes and tees are all items that can be relatively low cost with high reward. We all love free swag, especially when it looks nice. Studies show that 85% of people remember the company's name that gave them a branded gift, and 87% will keep the item for more than a year.

Feed them

Food is always a crowd-pleaser. There is no need to go overboard with expensive baskets of gourmet products unless you've scored a sizable account or the occasion demands for it. Keep it fun and seasonal, like a s'mores kit or BBQ sauce sampler for summer or a hot cocoa bomb with a branded mug in the winter.

Element of Surprise

Pick a random hour of the month or day each year to hold a surprise "Customer Appreciation Celebration!" Turn it into a real party by offering a free upgrade on shipping, deep discounts, giveaways, and prizes. Be sure to capture customer reactions and share them on your social media platforms for maximum impact.

Small gestures = big payoff

Not all customer appreciation efforts have to be on a grand scale. A handwritten note of thanks from a sales rep on a company postcard, a follow-up text or phone call, or a sticker with a fun saying like "Thanks for sticking with us!" or "Let's stick together" on packaged orders all have an impact. Especially now, when people are feeling disconnected, the little things mean a lot.

Share the love

If you love your customers, tell the world about it. Spotlight your customers in your newsletter and on social media. Congratulate them for major milestones and achievements like anniversaries or significant business acquisitions.

Need more ideas? We're just full of them! Whether you need to design a complete customer loyalty program or help to brainstorm a list of customer appreciation ideas to use throughout the year, the Bubble & Hatch team is here to help.

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