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Four powerful ways nonprofits can bring visibility to their work

A single key unlocks every nonprofit’s success.


All nonprofits have a mission. They have a vision for a better way of doing things. Their work is purposeful and solutions-oriented.

Yet, it is visibility that guarantees your work will continue for another day, month, or for years to come.

Visibility means showing—better yet, shouting—the results of your good work. When your results are visible, volunteers show up to help with the next project. Neighbors turn out to support you. Donors want to grow something with you. Visibility creates community, and communities build things together.

Inbound marketing creates visibility and excitement.

Inbound marketing is a complicated term that means “doing stuff that makes people want to reach out to me.” Outbound marketing means approaching donors for funding or community members for volunteering. Inbound marketing places your story in front of your core audience. Over time, this inspires people to reach out to you about how they can get involved.

Try these four important inbound marketing tactics nonprofits can use to create visibility.


Well-written, information-packed, search engine optimized blogs will drive readers to your website. Make sure your website offers clear information about your cause and how you help others. Also, be very clear about your organization's needs and how readers can help. The more you give, the more you will get back.

A smart move is trading guest posts with complementary organizations. Guest posts drive traffic to your website and create important backlinks, which rank it higher on Google.

Thought leadership.

With a little effort, nonprofits can position themselves as leaders in their field. You can do this by publishing e-books and white papers that explain the unique solutions you bring to your area of service, along with data that backs up those solutions. You can interview people you’ve helped and compile those interviews into a powerful picture of what you do best. You can seek out speaking engagements at conferences and events—or even organize your own to share insights and build community.

Social media and content marketing.

A lot of organization leaders shy away from social media. But we say, just do it. Social media is a place to:

● build community,

● show how you help others,

● get support for your challenges, and

● share your wins.

Most importantly, social media is an effective way to bring visibility to your organization and the people in it. Your nonprofit probably has brand pages on places like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. We recommend you keep those fresh and up-to-date. Urge your employees, beneficiaries, donors, and stakeholders to tell your story on their personal pages as well.

Remember, people are moved to action by other people.

Landing page.

A landing page is a simplified webpage where you can collect all the interest from your outbound marketing efforts and convert it into action. You can use your landing page to gather email addresses for a newsletter or an email campaign. You could sell your e-book or tickets to an event. You could use it to explain how people can help and click them through to a donation or volunteering page.

A landing page is best as part of a specific campaign and should function separately from your website.

When you bring visibility to your organization, it becomes a powerful force for good. So why not start today?

At Bubble & Hatch, we are in the visibility business! Nonprofits have unique marketing challenges and opportunities. We can help you tap into your strengths, tell your story, elevate your brand, and create a results-driven return on your marketing investment. Contact us today to hatch a plan!


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