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Manufacturing success depends on three essentials—the second one might surprise you!

Manufacturing is much more than machines and might.

Growth-oriented manufacturers are constantly testing new technologies, building internal culture, and communicating their successes to stakeholders.

Manufacturing is a huge umbrella, and each one is unique. But successful shops share some essential characteristics.

1) A diversified and reliable supply chain. This has been no small feat in the pandemic years, and we now see how a localized approach to transportation, partnerships, suppliers, and vendors stabilizes the whole operation.

2) Accurate, updated marketing materials. Manufacturers are all about repeatable processes that bring results. But sometimes, a set-it-and-forget-it approach can leave critical communications in need of CPR. This amounts to missed opportunities and milestones that are easily reached with a marketing team that gets manufacturing.

3) A pipeline of enthusiastic candidates for employment. Today’s marketing plans must include innovative strategies for attracting, building, and maintaining a loyal and flexible workforce.

Whether it is working with distribution channels or direct to customers, the manufacturing industry has unique marketing opportunities.

Manufacturers need to reach retailers and wholesalers. They need to communicate with their employees, prospects, vendors, and suppliers. They have round-the-clock challenges in logistics and transportation. They need to recruit and retain a skilled and dedicated in-house workforce. They need to apply the highest standards of safety and excellence for both the products they produce and the employees in their care.

Here’s how we help manufacturers level up:

We create fully branded and integrated marketing materials customized to your unique products and needs.

From sales kits to employee training manuals, direct mail to social media, and much more, we provide content, design, and continuous marketing processes that will elevate your brand and increase sales and productivity.

When a marketing plan is integrated, optimized, and focused on results, the outcome is much greater than the sum of its parts. We provide

  • Conversion-focused websites. An up to date website is your online brochure, lead generation source, and so much more.

  • Search-engine-optimized blogs. Show up in online searches and position your company as a resource for information and thought leadership.

  • Social media and community building. Sharing successes and company achievements make you an attractive partner and employer.

  • Digital customer service and sales platforms. Work smarter, not harder.

  • Sales kits, event collateral, and other branded materials. Give your sales team the tools to tell your story effectively.

  • Multi-channel advertising campaigns. Using different channels in a consistent way amplifies your presence and audience.

  • Email and direct mail campaigns. Both have unique benefits and, used strategically, can deliver results.

When it comes to developing your customer communications strategy, creating marketing materials and sales tools, or implementing a strong customer service platform, Bubble & Hatch integrates marketing into all aspects of your manufacturing operation.

We help grow your company while focusing on what you do best. Connect for a consultation!

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